About Us

Founded in 2007
by Dewayne “SCRATCH” Warren
& Doug “JINRO” Blair.

EX-PRESIDENTS MOTOTCYCLE CLUB is backed with Pride, Love for our Motorcycle’s, Riding hard long and fast, and helping others see the benefits of being a brotherhood.

The Ex-Presidents Motorcycle Club is a club of Brotherhood who share the common love for our motorcycles and the open road. Our club was founded on the principles of Camaraderie, Professionalism, Loyalty and Dedication. We are dedicated and loyal to our club, to each other, and to each others families.

The founding members of this club felt the need to establish their own MC, a club that is more concerned about quality instead of quantity of its members. Building a small but strong brotherhood with a less political based MC and a more brotherhood based club.

The Ex-Presidents was born.








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Shimoda Run, Izu Peninsula, Japan – 14 Aug 11 

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If interested in starting a chapter please contact
もし、新チャプター結成に興味がある方は(web) にメール下さい。
Ex-Presidents MC @ ex-presidents-mc@ex-presidents.org

Making of the colors

The Ex-Presidents MC colors were designed thru the creative minds of two Harley brothers that had exactly the same experiences to share.

Both had been Presidents of the same MC at one time or another. Both had been fired for pretty much the same reasons…not conforming to the political hierarchy and basically wanting to “ride” with our brothers, not command them.

One day we were out on an awesome ride and the both of us just got to laughing about the old days and an idea for a name emerged.

The Ex-Presidents!

So the coolest colors I think I have personally ever seen were brought to life….

The Setting: We are the Ex-Presidents so the proper setting could only be Mount Rushmore. Since skulls and motorcycles have always gone so great together we put skulls instead of faces for the Presidents. Two brothers…so, two Harley brothers looking down into the valley was a perfect addition to the top of Mount Rushmore.

Thus the legend of The Ex-Presidents begins!!!












Becoming a member of The Ex-Presidents MC is open to everyone but is never a guarantee; you must show us you are what the club is looking for. We are looking for quality people who have the same beliefs and love of the road as the founding members. Whether you are male or female, the Ex-Presidents are a group of people that will accept you for who you are. The Ex-Presidents want people who are compassionate about their hogs and live for a great ride. Even though the founders hate rules we have to have some…First, and most important, you must own a Harley Davidson or any V-twin motorcycle. Second, you must be open-minded and a spur of the moment kind of person. Sometimes we ride just to ride. Last, but not least, you must be respectful to one another, we’re all in the same family. We are looking for quality not quantity, so if you think you have what we are looking for and would like to be a member, send us an email and we will get back to you.